Thanks for visiting my page and I hope that you can carve out some time to peruse through my photos (or bookmark it to return later). As you will see, I love to photograph a variety of subjects, animate and inanimate, people, places, architecture, parties, the kitschy, the quirky and more!

In grade school I wore a button that read, “super weird person” and I’ve strived to embrace that title even into adulthood and into my work as a photographer and graphic designer. “Super weird” is to be superbly different and my goal is to capture fun moments, sweet moments, and those fleeting moments which pass all too quickly in this thing called life.

With a passion for travel and adventure I also strive to find unique locations and backgrounds to create the flavor of photos my clients are looking for.

For things that stand still (architecture in this case) I photograph the tiniest of cottages, large multi-million dollar estates and everything in between. Oh…businesses and restaurants too!

And finally, another little tidbit about me. I see hearts. Every day. Everywhere. And of course, I always photograph them.

Photography is my life. My love. My passion. Me.